Dear Tony, This is my first chance to sit at my computer to thank you and can't go into the weekend without telling you that we are really and truly so happy with the work you all did! Chris is quite an artist at his craft and was amazing at how he solved each problem as it popped up. I have to say I did it not expect the result we got. I knew it would be nice and we had truly good indication each step of the way that we are dealing with people who care about pleasing customers. The diagrams and preview at the factory warehouse did not show the immense effort and craftsmanship involved in this project, it is SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING!!!! We love it and I do wish we could do more work with you people should our finances allow. Thank you for your patience and help each step of the way.. Now that it is resolved I can tell you I like the ladder much better this way than the way we originally requested! Have a great weekend and best wishes in continued success in good health ALWAYS!


Dear Gothic, In this age of highly advanced technology and all the great advantages it brings, there is also a lack of human contact and interaction in many business transactions. I am happy to write that in dealing with Ari and Vicky in particular, I have found a very satisfying exchange over a period of months; in ordering custom made furniture. The patience and attention given to my order, the detailed drawings of the proposed pieces was reassuring and impressive. Even though I was eager to have everything as soon as possible, I was told exactly what the waiting period would be in clear and kind words. It seemed like forever until my furniture arrived, but it was more than worth waiting for. The installation was professional and easy and I’m very pleased with the results. The realization that the entire process, from start to finish; was handled with human warmth and a commitment to satisfy me, the customer; was extremely gratifying. I have to commend you all for such high principals. May you continue with great success!

Sally Pleet

To Whom It May Concern: This letter of commendation is long overdue as I have been dealing with many medical and health issues. That said, about 3 years ago, I presented my design to Manhattan Gothic for a large workstation to incorporate numerous electronics, hardware and computer peripherals. I worked very hard for all its detailed and specific measurements and presented it to Aris Voulamandis. He was extremely patient, very kind and helpful with my making many trips to the store to discuss numerous details. This was all very important as I am legally blind. Mr. Voulamandis also came to my apartment to personally assess the space a couple of times and accommodate my particular needs extremely well. He pointed out a couple of miscalculations of measurements that I had made. Eventually, the unit was delivers and expertly installed (with Aris present) and I could not be happier with the result. It is well-built, sturdy and provides much ease and efficiency for my many audio/video endeavors. A last-minute correction was made onsite and I am extremely happy with the result. I even made a youtube about my being so pleased with it. Rather than giving you the URL, please go to youtube and do a search for The Alfred Hubay Intergalactic Workstation Thank you, Manhattan Gothic, for turning my complicated design into reality! Sincerely yours, Doncler Laur

Doncler Laur

I am a customer of yours for many many years. I have a duplex on the Upper West Side, Gothic Cabinet Craft has made many built-ins for me over a span of many years... My First project was with Tony at your 95th and Broadway location back in 1992. Complete kids room with built-ins on three walls. Moving forward to 2000 I came back to gothic this time to your location on Broadway and 101st and found Tony there I was so happy he was still around. He and I re-designed my daughters room who now was no longer an infant. Ten years after that, I went back to Gothic at 101st only to find out that Ton had moved to the Upper East Side location. I tracked him down and he remembered me straight away. I was very impressed with that kind of customer dedication. He re-did my office all over again, we designed the space for newer computer systems and lap tops. Well to make a very long story short, I must tell you my experience with Gothic has been exemplary to say the least. Tony not only did what I thought I wanted he re-designed every project to meet my needs and my budget every single time. I will once again come back to Gothic when I need something made to my specifications. I have recommended Gothic and Tony in the past and will continue to do so in the Future. My relationship with your company has been a real please! Thanks to your company my Apartment looks great.

Lucy Slurzberg

We are thrilled with the work done by Gothic Furniture. So much so we remodeled one room when our daughter was 3 and did so again as she got older and her needs were different. Tony's ideas were perfect each time! Our first set of built-ins made it possible for us to have desperately needed storage and closet space, a desk, television closet and a single bed with a trundle underneath for our then 3 year old. As she got older, and we no longer needed room for toys, we remodeled the same room and our bedroom. The design Tony came up with was perfect for a late teenager (lots of storage still) with a larger desk, more floor room and a bed with storage. We also remodeled our own bedroom at that time and were concerned that they would make the room look smaller. Tony assured us the room would look larger, and in fact, it does! Plus we have storage space and a design that looks first class. We heartily endorse Tony Stakis and Gothic Furniture

Jill Totenberg - The Totenberg Group -

Tony came to my home to measure, and in doing so recommended moving my refrigerator to another area in my galley kitchen and replacing my in wall/cabinet oven counter-tip stove with a single unit stove/oven. His suggestions have given me much more storage space in my new kitchen as well as counter space. Additionally, by moving the refrigerator, my small kitchen seems so much bigger. The cabinets themselves look great and are solidly constructed. The cabinet doors close quietly, as do the drawers. Tony also included a sponge drawer immediately under my sink to make use of space that was wasted in the 51-year-old cabinets that were replaced. Also included in my design was a bi-level utensil drawer which makes setting the table so much easier. Included in my design were Corian counter tops which have been maintenance-free in the months I've had them. Lastly, I should mention that when Tony came to measure the kitchen, I noticed how a couple of the cabinet doors on my Gothic custom bedroom had become misaligned over the 5 years I had them. Tony told me that when the installers come to do my kitchen they would adjust the bedroom furniture as well. As promised, everything was taken care of and worked out perfectly. 5 stars to Gothic for constructing strong and attractive kitchen cabinets, to the installers who managed to overcome crooked walls, ceiling and floors of my 1960's coop, and to Tony for designing and managing the whole project.

Donald A.

I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner. I'm a very happy client of Gothic Cabinet Craft and wanted to tell you all about my experience. By the way, the work Tony stakis did for me was so incredible a photo of my large unit and fireplace surround is now an example on your website! I met Tony in April 2010. I was referred by someone I didn't know very well, so I stopped by to check it out. The thing I remember most was Tony drawing sketches of a built in unit for a client and making corrections with an electric eraser. At first we laughed at such a tool, as I had never seen one. What I quickly learned next was Tony is laser focused on details and getting everything right. He had my attention. It took 13 months before I was comfortable enough to put down a deposit. I had never done this and it was an expensive investment. The thing that kept giving me comfort was his desire to get the unit to be exactly what I wanted. Tony was patient and yet the consummate salesperson and kept asking questions. I was stalling out of fear and he kept me moving forward for which I'm so grateful. If that wasn't enough, what happened next is what I tell everyone. It was installation day and who shows up with the installation team? Tony. He said he knew it was a big investment for me to undertake and one I was worried wasn't going to be right. He showed up to tell me it was going to be perfect, and it was. He also admitted he was so invest in me/the project he lost sleep over it the night before even though he could do this IN his sleep. It took men 4 days to install my wall unit. At the end, they were taking pictures in front of it because they worked so hard on it and they we're so proud. Am I thrilled? Yes, it was transformed my room. What makes it even better is it has a story of your team and how much they cared about the client and the finished product. You have an incredible team that all take deep pride in their work. I've enjoyed the experience and can't wait for the next project! I'm happy to serve as a reference should you need that. It would be an easy assignment.

Karin McKinnell

We got extra-long twin captains beds in all our Kirkland Fire Stations and couldn't be happier. We got them from Gothic Furniture and were very impressed in the quality and workmanship of their products. We chose a 6 drawer bed with a headboard. This was the perfect choice for us, because we needed more storage space, but didn't have any spare floor space to create it. When the beds showed up at the fire stations, they were very easy to set up. We only needed to put them in place and put a mattress on them. We were looking for durable beds made from real wood that were built strong enough to survive in a fire station. We found that at Gothic Furniture.

Greg Picinich, Captain, Kirkland Fire

Tony Stakis and the Gothic Cabinet crew custom designed our beautiful corner TV cabinet and bookshelf with ladder along with our custom designed bedroom closets. They also redid our kitchen cabinets to match the new installations. The craftmanship is top-quality, the materials are solid real wood, and the folks at Gothic Cabinet Craft are both knowledgeable in their work and craft and flexible in their designs. First-time guests often pay high compliments on the design and work. We are so happy with their work that we've recently hired Tony again to add custom shelving and another bedroom closet.


We want to thank you for the design and install of the radiator and air conditioner cover in our apartment. The unit looks fantastic! The team was great to work with and we are overall thrilled with the smart design you made.

Jeffrey K.

I just wanted to thank everyone at Gothic Furniture for their flexibility and willingness to help me with my purchase. We love our Gothic Furniture pieces and are complimented on them constantly. They are made well and last far longer than some more contemporary stores items. The customer service at the store on the UES is exceptionally helpful and professional.

Laura C.

We recently purchased a platform bed in oak with 4 drawers in the base in a teak finish.The product arrived on time, when expected and in excellent condition. The two deliverymen were pleasant, neat and mindful of their surroundings. The bed was pieced together in less than 5 minutes, all parts were included - nothing missing. It arrived in excellent condition, very sturdy, drawers open and close easily. Excellent quality product. Will definitely consider a purchase from your company in the future.

Nancy P.

I have been using furniture from Gothic Cabinet Craft for years. It's my favorite furniture store in New York because whatever your order, you can pick from a variety of many different finishes. I have moved several times and always ordered the platform beds from here as well as dressers. My last purchase last month was for my mom who moved to a smaller apartment so I ordered the same platform bed I have with drawers. The delivery is impeccable, they put the bed together and clean up everything. Very professional.


My husband and I are very pleased to have our new armoire after a long wait. It was worth it though. We ordered the Mid Century Modern Armoire with two shelves in White. It is very heavy and substantial. Just perfect for our large walk in closet. It is a quality piece of work - very well made. We are happy customers!


I am writing to tell you how happy we are with the furniture we bought from your store. Both the Shaker style chest of drawers and the Shaker style dresser drawers we bought are beautiful. I am impressed with the workmanship/quality of the merchandise. I know I told you what we went through at Seaman's and how we had to return the furniture we bought from them.

I also want to thank you for not being pushy salesman. I told you I needed to think about what style I wanted to buy and that I needed to bring my family in to okay the purchase and you understood that. I will definitely recommend your store in the future.

Tami E.

The finisher and the installers did a great job. Overall, the kitchen looks very nice. All your guys were great.

Inge L.

All the features we wanted in a TV/entertainment center are here! Room for VCR/DVD and stereo; "hideaway" doors; extendable TV stand that swivels; and plenty of extra storage room. And it all closes up neatly.

We had looked around for a TV cabinet for some time, but we were not happy with the choices available. At Gothic, we were able to custom order the size we need and get all the features we wanted. Plus, the piece is well built with a first-rate finish. Service from Gothic was great all around, including delivery.

Thanks again for everything.

Ray K.

I would like to comment on your salesman Ricardo Bruzel. I have dealt with Ricardo on three occasions and find him to be extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with. I have been very satisfied with his service and his understanding of what I need. I have travelled to your 3rd Ave location in Manhattan from Brooklyn, just to deal with him. Our most recent purchase was a China cabinet/hutch. His service from beginning to end was outstanding. He is truly an asset to your organization. I look forward to dealing with Ricardo in the future for any furniture purchases.

Paul K. & Lisa U.

Received my DM LP cabinets. No Damage. All I can say is WOW they look great. My wife is very happy "These are fine for the living room." These are the best looking LP open storage cabinets. An ad in a hifi magazine or display at hi fi show in NY this April or June (can't remember month) would do wonders. Cost is so reasonable when compared to all the stuff for sale out there. Thanks for the great job. Packing was excellent also.

Dave S.

Delivery was on time and on the day you stated. Love my 450 CD tower. Thank you for your professional and prompt service. I'll be shopping with you again next month.

Vanessa R.

Just had to send a note of "Thanks" and say WOW!! what a fantastic piece of furniture and mattresses that we're delivered to my house, the items arrived in perfect condition, expertly wrapped and professionally delivered via UPS freight. I know you guys are on the East coast but if you opened an operation in the west you'd easily clean up with the products and service you offer. Thanks again!

Ron E.

I want to share with you a wonderful experience I had today shopping in one of your store in 37th av. I was looking for a slim chest/lingerie type and since I live nearby I headed to your store for a browsing. The salesmen, what a wonderful person, quickly identify the perfect chest for me. What a knowledge and positive salesmen you have! Since I live 2 minutes away from your store I did not want to pay $35 delivery fee. He propose to borrow me a dali and to take the piece myself! I love the idea!. He wrapped up the piece and even took me safely across the avenue! Also he gave me instructions for how to stain the chest. It is gonna be my weekend project. You should be proud of such quality employee and definitely I will be back!

Emily E.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Our beautiful LP Record Rack arrived two days ago and I am still stunned by the quality of the workmanship, materials, design and pricing of the product. My wife and I have waited 37 years to get our vinyl into a quality storage space and you have knocked it out of the park! Not only that, the care that you took to triple wrap the product in REAL WOOD and cardboard ensured that it would arrive here intact. I am blown away - this is a first rate company. Can't wait to take a look at your other products. I can say for anyone interested in getting your priceless record collection out of the closets and in to the living room, this is an incredible value and a beautiful solution!

Alan L.

I just want to thank you for your amazing service. Each time my organization donates a library to a local school I insist on using your book shelves. They are always beautiful and strong enough to stand up to children. You have repeatedly gone above and beyond to ensure that my order was delivered on time, even braving snow. I can't speak highly enough about your customer service from ordering to delivering. I wasn't always an easy customer but everyone I spoke to was the perfect professional. THANK YOU!!!

HARLEM CHILDREN'S ZONE PROMISE ACADEMY #1, 175 West 134th Street, New York City, New York, 10030

Thanks for all your help. The mirror arrived today, on schedule, and it is perfect. It looks great and goes with a bookcase that I bought from Gothic last year.

I know this may be a clich?, but I really appreciated the time you put into this, and I will turn to Gothic first the next time that I look for furniture.


I recently made a significant purchase that I am very excited to receive. Unfortunately, I was having some difficulty with the delivery dates offered to me due to conflicts with my work schedule.

I wanted to send a note in appreciation of the excellent customer service I received from George Taramas in your Internet Sales department. After several e-mails trying to work out a day, George gave me a call to discuss and make arrangements that met my needs.

This is the kind of service that I will recommend to my friends - Quality products combined with excellent customer service. Thanks George!

Eleni V.

I ordered a desk with a specific finish from you and it arrived on Saturday! It is well made and beautiful. Thanks for also providing my desk with yellow handles instead of silver so that it would match the rest of my furniture in the room. I went to the Yonkers, NY store! Love it!


I felt compelled to write a letter to you after my incredible experience at your factory. I've been working with George on my bedroom furniture; he's been great to work with and very patient since as an artist I am not the easiest customer. I was worried about how my piece looked so George suggested we visit the factory. Wow it's amazing and then I was introduced to Chris. Chris and George clearly know their craft. I was thrilled to see how gorgeous my furniture looked. We then spoke about staining and I was shown the process by Chris. He truly made me feel even more confident that they would find the stain that would make me happy.

Just thought you should know what an asset George and Chris are to your company.

Denise A.

I just wanted to inform you of the excellent service my wife and I received from Tony Stakis. We have worked with him in the past and he is currently helping us with another project. Having dealt with various contractors, vendors, designers, etc during our apartment renovation, Tony's level of service is unmatched! As always we will continue to speak very highly of Gothic Cabinets and Tony. Keep up the great work!

Beeren G.