Measuring your home

Doorways and Hallways

  • Measure the height and width of all doorways and hallways. Be sure to account for doorknobs, moldings, trim, hinges or anything that cannot be moved or removed. Include those measurements.
  • Measure the “entry clearance” of all doors, i.e., the space between the door and the nearest wall or immovable object.


  • Measure the width of the stairway, including handrails. Measure the width and length of any landings.
  • Measure the ceiling height in three areas:
    • From the bottom step to the ceiling
    • From each landing to the ceiling.
    • From the top step to the ceiling.


If we’re delivering to an elevator building, it’s best to measure the elevators as well. Start by measuring the elevator door opening, measure the width and height of the opening. Inside the elevator measure the depth, width and height of the cabin; and diagonally from the bottom center of the opening to the back ceiling. Be sure to account for any lights, handrails, etc.

Measure your furniture

Another easy way to tell if an item will fit into your home is measuring existing furniture that was delivered fully assembled. Chances are if you already have an item in your home that was delivered fully assembled in one piece, and is equal or larger in dimension; then it’s likely the new item(s) you’re interested in will fit.

Gothic “KD” Option

As we manufacture most of the items on our website, we have the ability to alter some of our designs to allow them to be delivered in smaller pieces for in home assembly. This is called “KD” or “Knock Down” versions of the same unit that’s normally delivered fully assembled. “KD” versions of our furniture do cost more as they are built slightly different, and must be assembled in home by one of our professional installers. If you’re interested in learning more please Contact Us.

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