FAQ & Shipping


Q: What are Status updates?


A: Periodically you'll receive email updates as your order progresses. Below are examples of the status updates you may receive. Be sure to read the exact status update you're sent, eg: Hi Customer, An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed. The status of order #00000 is now In Production (See Definitions Below) • In this example you should only look for "In Production" from the defentions below.

  1. Pending: Customer has requested the order be placed on hold until further notice.
  2. Payment Pending: Order has not been paid, production will begin once payment is received.
  3. Order Received: We've received your online order and will be contacting you for delivery details.
  4. In Production: The order has been given in to begin production. Local Delivery has been scheduled.
  5. Special Order Item(s): Special Order Item(s) have been put into production, or ordered from our vendor. See Brands.
  6. Partially Shipped: Part of your order has been shipped or scheduled for local delivery.
  7. Completed: Your order was delivered and signed for. Thank you for your order!
  8. Shipped: Your order has been scheduled for local delivery, or released for ground/freight shipments.
  9. Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled and is pending a refund/store credit.
  10. Refunded: Your order has been refunded.
  11. Disputed: You've initiated a Dispute for your PayPal Order. Please contact us for further details.
  12. Order on Hold: We need some clarification on your order, please contact us so we may begin production.
  13. Partially Refunded: We've refunded part of your order total.


Q: I have a few existing pieces that I've previously purchased from Gothic. If I order the same color I currently have, will it look the same?


A: Although you'd be ordering the exact wood and color of your existing furniture, it likely will not match 100%. This is due to the differences in each tree from which the wood is produced, along with the aging time of the stain or paint. It will be as close as possible to your existing piece, however when dealing with real wood furniture there is no such thing as an identical match or copy.


Q: Do you deliver?


A: During checkout you'll see your options for shipping or pickup.

  1. Our "Gothic Delivery Truck" option is a local delivery service only available within the 5 boroughs of New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester county and specific areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Set-up and installation of the furniture is available with this option.
  2. Our "Freight Curbside Drop Off" option is used for areas not within our standard delivery zone, Curbside drop off means the items which are on a wooden pallet are left at the curb/sidewalk in front of your residence.
  3. Our "Freight In-Home Drop Off" option is an upgrade for our standard freight service, which includes unpacking the pallet, bringing the item(s) into your residence (Maximum 1 flight of stairs | 13 steps). Packaging is not removed from the premises.The freight company does not offer installation or set-up of the furniture.
  4. Alternatively, you'll see another option which states "Out of Shipping Area - Contact Us for a Quote - 1-877-446-8442" this means we'll need to manually quote a freight shipping rate for you, please call us at 1-877-446-8442 to receive your quote.


Q: How do I schedule delivery?


A: Once you've placed your order you'll be contacted via email within 72 hours with order information. Some items can be immediately scheduled for delivery, in that case; you'll be contacted within 72 hours to select a delivery date. For all "Special Orders" you'll be contacted to schedule delivery once the item(s) are complete from production and/or staining. Orders that are being Freight delivered are scheduled directly with the freight carrier, you'll be notified via email that the freight shipment has left our warehouse with tracking information.


Q: Can I select the delivery time?


A: Our delivery hours are between 8 AM and 6 PM, we'll be emailing you 24 - 48 hours prior to your delivery date with a 5 hour time frame. Time frames are based upon delivery route and location, we cannot take any requests for specific time frames.


Q: How do I reschedule my delivery date and/or time?


A: You may reschedule any standard deliveries (Excluding installations) with 48 hours notice. Rescheduling an order with less than 48 hours notice will incur a rescheduling fee, equal to the original delivery fee.


Q: My building requires a Certificate of Insurance and/or Workman's compensation certificate, can Gothic accommodate?


A: Yes, we'll need 48 - 72 hours to process your certificate(s). Please let us know in the comment section (Last step of checkout), that you'll require certificate(s); we'll need you to provide us with a sample certificate from the building management.


Q: I have specific building regulations, can Gothic accommodate?


A: It is solely the customer's responsibility to obtain and provide us with any specific building regulations (eg: delivery hours, insurance forms, elevator regulations) If their are any specific regulations, please notify us via email within 48 hours of receipt of this email.


Q: I haven't received any emails since placing my order, is something wrong?


A: You may have entered a secondary email address, or another email address was auto-filled in by your smart device. Sometimes our automatic emails are filtered into spam or blocked entirely by some email providers such as AOL, Optonline, Gmail and yahoo. To avoid having our emails go to spam. Please add the following emails to your contact list: and For additional help please feel free to email us at or call us at 877-446-8442


Q: Will the delivery personnel assemble the furniture?



  • Gothic Delivery Truck: Please be aware that most of the furniture made by Gothic comes fully assembled, you must insure that the item(s) you've purchased will fit through your doorways, hallways, stairways or any sharp turns. Furthermore, the area where you'd like your furniture to be placed must be easily accessible and clear of all obstructions. Our deliver personnel is under no obligation to move or re-arrange existing furniture/items. If you're concerned an item may not fit into your residence please contact us prior to delivery to discuss available options, 877-446-8442. Items that do require assembly will have an option to select this option on the product page, you have the option to select self assembly or professional assembly.
  • Freight/UPS Delivery: Drop off only, assembly not available.


Q: Is pickup available instead of delivery?


A: Yes, during checkout you'll have the option of selecting pickup from one of our stores (Additional fee applies) or pickup from our warehouse/factory (Free) See details below:


Warehouse/Factory Pickup


  • Our Pickup hours are between 10 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday.
  • A member of our sales staff will confirm the pickup and guide you to the pickup location.
  • Please be prepared for your pickup, many of our products come with minimal packaging, it's advisable to bring packaging materials to protect your furniture. (eg: moving blankets, straps, rope, movers)
  • You must have a vehicle suitable for the item you're picking up. We are under no obligation to load the item for you, nor can our staff assist you in loading an item into an inappropriately sized vehicle.


Store Pickup


  • A member of our sales staff will call you once the item has arrived at location to confirm pickup.
  • Our Pickup hours are between 11 AM - 6 PM Monday through Saturday. 12 PM - 4 PM Sundays.
  • Please be prepared for your pickup, many of our products come with minimal packaging, it's advisable to bring packaging materials to protect your furniture. (eg: moving blankets, straps, rope, movers)
  • You must have a vehicle suitable for the item you're picking up. We are under no obligation to load the item for you, nor can our staff assist you in loading an item into an inappropriately sized vehicle.


Q: Can I cancel my order?


A: You have 72 hours to cancel your order without incurring a cancellation fee, after said 72 hours; if Gothic Cabinet Craft accepts the cancellation request it will be subject to a minimum 25% cancellation fee. Minimum 45% for stained/painted orders and/or special order items. Floor Sample merchandise is sold "As-Is", "Final Sale" and cannot be cancelled or returned."As-Is" merchandise is sold with no warranty of any kind.


Q: My furniture arrived damaged, what do I do ?


A: Please contact us immediately if any damages are found. 877-446-8442 If damages are found during freight delivery or UPS delivery, you must note the damages on the delivery slip before signing. It's best to take as many pictures as possible of the damages and email them to Please do not discard any of the packaging materials, freight carriers and UPS require packing materials to be kept up to 120 days in order to file a damage claim. Once the claim is filled you'll be contact directly from the shipping carrier for inspection and details of procedure.


Q: The color of my furniture is changing, is this normal?


A: Yes. It is important to understand that there is actually nothing wrong with the wood.

It is normal for wood to change color over time after it has been dried and it helps to
understand what’s going on that causes this to happen. Here’s more information as
to why wood can change color:


The Color of Wood Naturally Varies

Wood cells vary in color while the tree is still growing. There are two zones – an
inner zone known as heartwood and an outer zone known as sapwood. The cells in
the outer zone are newer and tend to be lighter in color. The cells in the center of
the tree, known as the heartwood, are darker. The color of heartwood differs
depending on the type of tree it is and there are even slight variations in heartwood
colors within the same variety.

This phenomenon is, in part, why wood color changes over time. In fact, there is a
term known as luster that directly relates to the heartwood. When wood is viewed at
certain angles, the color may vary. At some angles it may look dull, at others at may
look shiny, and still at other angles the color of the wood may look darker or lighter.
This has to do with the original color of the heartwood.

Light Exposure Can Change Wood Color

Another thing that can change the way wood looks over time is whether or not it
was exposed to light. The reason for this is that the light itself alters the color of the
aging wood cells. The older the wood is and the longer it was exposed to light, the
darker the wood will get. This occurs because of a process referred to as
photo chemical oxidation, which means that exposure to light oxidizes the wood cells
and ultimately causes them to change color.

Water Exposure Can Alter Wood’s Color

Have you ever spilled water on wood only to notice later on that the wood changed
color slightly? This is why it is so important to make sure that if you do spill water
on wood that you wipe it down thoroughly after the spill. Not only can water alter
the color, but the minerals contained in the water can further alter the wood as well.


For example, iron in the water can darken the wood and maybe even give it a
reddish tint. There are plenty of reasons why wood can change color over time. Color can darken
as wood dries, vary depending on exposure to light, and even look different when
viewed at certain angles. No matter why the wood changed color, it is all normal and
can be dealt with by using different finishes on the wood.

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