Posted by Gothic Furnitre on 13th Mar 2020

Furnishing your bedroom can be tricky, especially since you not only need room for your major pieces of furniture, but you also need plenty of space to store items such as clothes and accessories. In some bedrooms, you have plenty of space, which means you will have enough room for all the pieces of furniture that you need. In smaller bedrooms, however, this isn’t the case.

In both instances, however, a captain’s bed, which is a type of bed that has drawers for storage underneath the mattress, is the perfect choice. Here’s a look at the advantages using this type of bed:

Uses Space Efficiently

One of the biggest advantages of using this type of bed is that it allows you to use the space in your bedroom efficiently. This is valuable for bedrooms of all sizes, but it is especially useful for smaller bedrooms. The extra storage space that the bed provides may even prevent the need for buying additional furniture pieces for the room, such as a dresser or a chest. In smaller bedrooms, this is an especially valuable advantage to using this type of bed.

Allows for More Storage

No matter what size your bedroom is, chances are pretty good that you could use more storage space. Even if you have enough room for a dresser or a chest, you can use the drawers underneath the captain’s bed to store even more items. When you have several storage options, it makes it easier to create a neat and tidy bedroom. The drawers in a captain’s bed are ideal for items such as clothes, accessories, books, and linens.

Creates a Neater Bedroom

Overall, a captain’s bed creates a much neater appearance in your bedroom. Because these beds create storage opportunities, you won’t need as many large furniture pieces in the room, such as a dresser or a chest. They can also help make cleaning the bedroom much easier. Traditional beds usually have a space underneath the bed, which means that the floor underneath the bed needs to be regularly cleaned. Since a captain’s bed doesn’t have a space, it can create a much cleaner bedroom.

Captain’s beds are great additions to bedrooms of all sizes. If you can’t find the exact bed that you need, consider having one custom made to meet your exact specifications.

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