Posted by Gothic Furniture on 13th Mar 2020

Bookshelves are underestimated pieces of furniture. Sure, they have practical uses, but they can also enhance your décor. In some instances, one bookshelf can serve a dual purpose of adding to the beauty of your room while also storing some of your items. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can decorate with bookshelves:

Choose a Beautiful Piece

When it comes to bookshelves, the piece itself is an important part of the aesthetics of the room. This should be the first thing you keep in mind when figuring out how to decorate with bookshelves. For example, if the existing décor in your room has a modern style, you’ll want to buy a bookshelf that is also in the same style. This will give the room continuity. If your room doesn’t have a distinct style, consider choosing a classic and timeless bookshelf. This will give you the greatest amount of versatility.

Decide on a Style

Besides choosing a piece that you really think is beautiful, you also need to take the style of the bookshelf into account. Your goal is to find the one that will be the best fit in your room. From there, the decorations will fall into place. You can find bookshelves in just about any style of décor, such as contemporary, antique, or traditional. You also have a choice as to whether or not you buy shelves that need to be mounted on the wall or if you choose a freestanding unit.

Make it Stand Out

If you’re intending to use your bookshelf as a focal decorating element in the room, you’ll want to find ways to make it stand out. Tactics such as painting the wall behind the shelf a color that contrasts with it, choosing a bookshelf that contrasts with the rest of the décor in the room, and carefully selecting the decorations that will be displayed on the shelf are all ways to draw the eye to the bookshelf. Think about your existing décor and then find ways to integrate the piece while also giving the unit its own personality. For example, if your room has a dark hardwood floor, consider contrasting it with a set of white bookshelves.

Choose Items to Display

When decorating with a bookshelf, it is also important to find the right items to display on it. First, decide if you will use the shelf to store practical items or if you’re able to display some decorations, as well. If you do know that you actually need to use the shelf for storage, consider finding creative and aesthetic ways to do so, such as storing the items in decorative baskets. If you know that you need to store books on it, find a way to stack them on a shelf in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

Bookshelves can certainly be practical, but you can also use them to decorate. If you can’t find the perfect shelf for your needs, consider having one custom made.

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